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Under Covers Twenty Eight - My Happiness by Powderfinger.

Slowly getting there! This week is a great tune by Powerfinger, My Happiness. A cool song, and a great example of simple imagery and super effective melody. Love this song, even though it was tough to sing!

Bit of a challenge this one, vocally. It was one of thsoe tunes where I;ve had to go into it tactically, to save my voice. I hum my way through it a few times, just to get chords etc sussed, then sing it once, then record it.
Any more than that and my voice is dead. 

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Under Covers Twenty Seven - Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

This week is a somewhat flu ridden version of Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen.

Its hard to say why this song strikes such a chord with people. It uses fairly straightforward harmony (this version, anyway), and lyrically is a bit cryptic, but I guess it comes down to that intangible element of melody.

In my experience its just something that you stumble upon if you’re lucky. That melody that just clicks into place and sits with the harmony and lyrics in a way that just makes sense, and couldn’t be any other way. This is one of those songs that I can’t imagine being improved upon. Its classic, and untouchable.

Have a great week, team.

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Under Covers Twenty Six - Free Falling by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers


Half way, baby!

A huge thanks to everyone who has visited the site since I started this whole thing six months ago. I’ve enjoyed it all, its challenges, is rewards, and to hear your comments, and see you all visiting the site is very special.

This week its “Free Falling”, one of my all time favorite songs. There was a time when I wouldn’t have dared sing this song in such a public way, but this whole thing has given me the vocal confidence to throw it out there. Enjoy, and I’ll see you all nek week!

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Under Covers Twenty Five - Better be home soon and Drugs Dont Work

This weeks cover, up at the last minute as per usual. Hope you enjoy this one, its a fairly clumsy mash up of two songs, which is a bit different for me. We’ve got Better be Home soon by Crowded House and The Drugs dont Work by The Verve…or maybe Ben Harper if you’ve heard that version.

Anyway, hope you enjoy and I’ll see you next week.

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Under Covers Twenty Four - Too Close by Alex Clare

Here we have this weeks attempt. Really tough song, quite high and I gave it my best shot. Fairly happy with it, but I think I’ve found that B minor isn’t my key.

Hope you enjoy, and I’ll see you next week. Oh, and don’t forget to follow if you have a twitter account. 


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This weeks song: “Too Close” by Alex Clare

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of a sly Skype chat with my good friend, Hayley “Burg” Dodd. It still amazes me the way the internet brings us together in such an easy way.

Whats even cooler about the internet is how it allows us to share music and experiences quickly and easily. Funny then, how I’d never heard this song, given that “its been huge in Europe for months”.

So, running with the idea of spreading good music, here is Burgs suggestion. 

"Too Close" by Alex Clare. No idea how I’ll manage this with an acoustic and loop pedal (my only tools that I have with me on holiday)

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Under Covers Twenty Two - Father and Son by Cat Stevens

This time around its “Father and Son” by Cat Stevens. This song is such an interesting dialogue between a father and son, and really outlines the differences and lack of communication that can go on. Loved spending some time with this song, and its only deepened my appreciation for Cat Stevens, or Yusuf Islam.

Hope you enjoy it, and ill see you next week.

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This weeks song: “Father and Son” by Cat Stevens

I remember going to visit my Aunty Robyn’s place in Cambridge when I was very young. Not because Cambridge is a really nice place, or because my Aunty was such an interesting woman (though both of those statements are undeniably factual), but because in amongst her collection CD’s was one called “Teaser and the Firecat”. 

There was something so special about those songs, the melody, the instrumentation. I don’t know what it was that appealed to my very youthful mind, but I have been a fan of Cat Stevens ever since.

This week I’m going to try “Father and Son”, perhaps his most well known song. This is going to be hard, because I have no idea what its like to be a father giving advice, but I have, at least, given advice to students on a wide variety of issues. I hope it turns out OK.

See you on the weekend.